Polynomial Long Division Calculator

Divident: $$x³ + x² + x + 4$$

Divisor: $$x + 2$$

Quotient: $$x^2-x+3$$

Remainer: $$-2$$

x + 2x^3+x^2+x+4

Polynomial long division is a method in algebra used for dividing a polynomial by another polynomial of a lower or equal degree. It mirrors the long division process used with numbers but is applied to polynomial expressions. This technique is fundamental in various areas of mathematics and applied sciences.

Simplifying Rational Expressions: Polynomial long division is used to simplify rational expressions where the numerator and the denominator are both polynomials.

Finding Quotients and Remainders: It helps in separating the quotient and the remainder when one polynomial is divided by another.

Solving high degree polynomial equations: Cubic equations, quartic equations. Once a solution is guessed or determined, this method allows us to find the remaining factors by dividing the original polynomial by the polynomial representing the guessed solution.


  1. Type polynomial expressions for Divident and Divisor in the input boxes.
  2. Click the button "Go" to get the detailed steps to the result.
  3. If the coefficient of the highest degree term of the divisor is larger than 1, it will be converted to 1 by dividing it by the the coefficient. Remeber to multiply it back.


  • The algorithm of this tool is able to calculate the polynomial in any degree. Considering the display limitation of various devices, the maximum degree for the polynomial is set as 5.
  • Examples of Cubic Equations

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