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Managing math problems effectively can be a challenging task, especially when dealing with a wide range of topics and mathematical notations. One of the strategy is to break down the problems by their fields or charactiristics and save them under relevant subjects. Uniteasy Math board is the best repository to serve this purpose.

Who should save math problems with Uniteasy?

The uniteasy site is designed to faciliate major activities for math teaching, such as creating, saving and presenting of math problems. If you are a math teacher, or parents who are passionate in math tutoring, you will love the convenience brought by the innovative tools, such as the math problems editors, math solvers of various topics, quiz maker, etc.

The math problems editors offer rich features that enhance your experience to solve math problems. Based on the pattern of the problems, select the dedicated editor to create problems of Q&A, multiple choice options (MCO), check box options, filling-in-the-blank and articles, etc.


What can I do with the saved problems?

As mentioned before, you can create the board and save the problem under the appropriate math boad. Over time, you will have volume of resource. In full screen display (log-in), you can present the problem to the class. The problem could also be composed along with other problems to a printable quiz by just clicks.

Demo of Q&A Math Editor

Below is the demo how to input the latex for math formula. Some features are disable if you are not logged in.

Example 1: type \, and then select \dfrac for fraction. Type a, and move cursor to the right for 2 steps, type b. Click "select row" button and click dollar button. Now you will see the fraction.

Example 2: Click search button on th editor. Type "sine", a list of formulas should appear when you have typed 2 letters. Select the right link of the first formula. And then click "select row" button and click dollar button. The formula displays immediately. If you click the left link of the formula, then you can select one with different variables or simply customize by input of different variables.


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