Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

Jackie use 30 percentage of her monthly earnings for rent and 50 percentage of the remaining amount for food and transportation. If she spends $525 for food and transportation, how much does she pay for rent?

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  2. $450

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Steven Zheng posted 6 months ago


  1. Let x be the amount of money she pays for renting, which accounts for 30% of her monthly earrings, plus remaining amount of which 50% $525 she spends for food and transportation, the total of her monthly earnings would be x+525/50\%. The following equation is established


    (x+525×2) \times 30=100x

    3x+525\times 6=10x

    525\times 6=7x

    x=75\times 6


    Therefore, she pays $450 for rent.

Steven Zheng posted 3 months ago

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