Math Glossary and Expression from Chinese to English

A collection of Mathematics terms from Chinese to English.


几何 Geometry

点 point

端点 Endpoint

中点 Midpoint

垂点 Perpendicular point

交点 Intersection point

顶点 vertex, vertices (pl)

相邻顶点 adjacent vertices

(抛物线的)对称点 mirror point, reflection point, symmetric point

原点 Origin

圆心 Center, Origin

切点 tangent point

任意一点 arbitrary point

Let P be an arbitrary point of the intersection curve

线 line

线段 segment

平行线 parallel line

垂线 perpendicular line

垂直线段 perpendicular segment

(角的)平分线 bisector, bisect (vt)

线段平分线 segment bisector

切线 tangent

共线,在同一直线 collinear. In Euclidean geometry, if two or more than two points lie on a line close to or far from each other, then they are said to be collinear.

线性的 Linear

对角线 Diagonal

中线 median - a line segment that connects a vertex of a triangle to the midpoint of the opposite side

两条线重合 Coincident lines are the lines that coincide or lie on top of each other.

虚线 dash

截线 transversal line - a line intersecting two or more other lines in the same plane

辅助线 auxiliary line

正交 orthogonal to, intersecting and at right angle

角 angle

锐角 Acute angle

钝角 Obtuse angle

直角 Right angle

邻角 Adjacent angle

平角(180°角) Straight angle - angle of 180°

优角 Reflex angle - A reflex angle is an angle larger than 180° and less than 360°.

劣角 Non-reflex angle - A non-reflex angle is an angle less than 180° and larger than 0°.

周角 Round angle - A round angle is an angle of 360° or 2π in radian.

零角 Zero angle

补角 Supplementary angles - refer to the pair of two angles whose sum is equal to 180°

余角 Complementary angles - refer to the pair of two angles whose sum is equal to 90°

圆心角 Central angle

错角 Alternate angles

内错角 Alternate interior angles

外错角 Alternate exterior angles

同位角 Corresponding angle

对顶角 Vertically opposite angles

对应的角 Subtended angle - The angle formed by lines of sight from a viewpoint to the edges of an object. In geometry, a subtended angle refers to an angle that is formed by two rays from the external point of an arc, line segment or any other section of a curve and pass through the endpoints of that arc, line segment or curve section.

对应的角 Corresponding angles - refer to congruent angles of e.g., congruent triangles

夹角 Included angle

底角 Base angle

二面角 Dihedral angle

角的顶点 Vertex of the angle

角的边 sides of the angle

相等的角 congruent angles - angles with exactly the same measure

度 degree

共边角 coterminal angles

弧度 radian

弧长 Arc Length

割线 secant

Triangle 三角形

不等边三角形 Scalene triangle

等边三角形 Equilateral triangle

等腰三角形 Isosceles triangle

钝角三角形 Obtuse triangle

锐角三角形 Acute triangle

斜三角形 (非直角三角形) Oblique triangle

直角三角形 Right triangle

(直角三角形的)斜边 Hypotenuse

(直角三角形的)邻边 Adjacent

(直角三角形的)对边 Opposite

周长 Perimeter

全等三角形 Congruent triangles

相似三角形 Similar triangles

三角形的高 Altitude - the perpendicular segment from a vertex of a triangle to the opposite side

内接三角形 Inscribed triangle

恒等于 Congruence

Polygon 多边形

正方形 Square

长方形 Rectangle

平行四边形 parallelogram

梯形 trapezoid

菱形 Rhombus

筝形 Kite

星形 Star

反平行四边形 antiparallelogram

正多边形 Regular polygon

正六边形 Regular Hexagon

凸多边形 Convex polygon

凹多边形 Concave polygon

四边形 Quadrilateral

五边形 Pentagon

六边形 Hexagon

七边形 Heptagon

八边形 Octagon

九边形 Nonagon

十边形 Decagon

十一边形 Hendecagon or Undecagon

十二边形 Dodecagon

十三边形 Triskaidecagon

十四边形 Tetrakaidecagon

十五边形 Pentadecagon

十六边形 Hexakaidecagon

十七边形 Heptadecagon

十八边形 Octakaidecagon

十九边形 Enneadecagon

二十边形 Icosagon

三十边形 Triacontagon

四十边形 Tetracontagon

五十边形 Pentacontagon

六十边形 Hexacontagon

七十边形 Heptacontagon

八十边形 Octacontagon

九十边形 Enneacontagon

一百边形 Hectagon

圆 和 曲线 Circle and Curves

斜率 slope

弦 chord

切圆 tangent circle

切线 tangent line

半径 radius

直径 diameter

弧 Arc

(圆的)外切圆 Tangent Circles

外接圆 Circumscribed Circle

内切圆 Inscribed circle

扇形 Sector

周长 Circumference

弧形 Segment of a circle

同心圆 Concentric circles

半圆 Semicircle

圆的面积 Area of a circle

椭圆 Ellipse

双曲线 hyperbola

抛物线 parabola

焦点 focus (单数)

焦点 foci (复数)

渐近线 asymptote

准线 directrix

等距离 equidistant

圆锥曲线 conic sections

母线 generatrix, generator

辅助圆 auxiliary circle

参数方程 parametric equations

参数 parameter

参数化 parametrization

隐式化 implicitization

隐式方程 implicit equation

偏心率 Eccentricity

长轴 major axis

短轴 minor axis

长半轴 semi-major axis

短半轴 semi-minor axis

焦点弦 latus rectum

对称轴 axis of symmetry

圆幂定理 Power of a Point Theorem


三棱锥 triangular pyramid

四面体 tetrahedron

多面体 polyhedron

圆柱体 Circular cylinder

圆锥 Cone

三角锥 Quadrihedron

二面角 Dihedral angle

直圆柱体 Right circular cylinder

正多面体 Rectangular solid

正棱柱 Regular prism

正棱锥 Regular pyramid

正多面体 Regular solid/polyhedron

球面 Sphere

立方体 Cube

斜柱体 Scalene cylinder

体积 Volume

表面积 surface area

圆台, truncated cone

坐标几何 Coordinate geometry

解析几何 Analytic geometry

笛卡尔坐标系 Cartesian coordinate system

坐标平面 coordinate plane

原点 origin

坐标轴 coordinate axis

两点间的距离 Distance between two points

(图形)变换 Transformation

平移 Translation

旋转 Rotation

反射 Reflection

象限 Quadrant

X 截距 x-intercept

Y 截距 y-intercept

横坐标 abscissa, the horizontal (x) value in a pair of coordinates

纵坐标 ordinate, the vertical (y) value in a pair of coordinates

数 Number

数论 Number theory

质数 prime number

素数 prime number

互质 prime to each other

合数 Composite number - A composite number is a positive integer that has at least one divisor other than 1 and itself.

奇数 odd number

偶数 even number

因数 factor

正整数 positive integer

非负整数 whole number

负整数 Negative Integers

正整数 Positive Integers

完全数 Perfect number - In number theory, a perfect number is a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its positive divisors, excluding the number itself. For instance, 6 has divisors 1, 2 and 3 (excluding itself), and 1 + 2 + 3 = 6, so 6 is a perfect number

完全平方数 Perfect square - A perfect square is a number that can be expressed as the product of two equal integers. 9 = 3 x 3, therefore, 9 is a perfect square

不完全平方数 non-perfect squares

完全立方数 perfect cube number

不同的 Distinct

分数 fraction

分子 Numerator

分母 Denominator

简分数 Common fraction

繁分数 Complex fraction

倒数 reciprocal, multiplicative inverse

倍数 Multiple

公因子 Common factor

公倍数 Common multiple

公约数 Common divisor

最大公约数 Greatest common divisor (GCD)

最大公因数 Greatest common factor

最小公倍数 Least common divisor (LCD)

连续偶数 Consecutive even integer

连续奇数 Consecutive odd integer

常数 Constant

小数 Decimal

小数点 Decimal point

纯小数 Decimal fraction

十进制运算 Decimal arithmetic

十进制 Decimal system/decimal scale

个位 ones place

十位 tens place

百位 hundreds place

千位 thousands place

位数 Place value - Every digit in a number has a place value. The place value is associated with the position (place) of the digit in the number. For example, in 31678, the place value of 6 is 600.

十分位 tenths place

百分位 hundreds place

千分位 thousands place

个位数 units digit - the digit in the one's place of a number

十位数 tens digit

百位数 hundreds digit

千分数 thousands digit

绝对值 Absolute value

正比 Direct proportion

代数 Algebra

数域 Number field

整域 Integral domain

实数 real number

有理数 rational number

无理数 irrational number

自然数 natural number

因数,因子 factor

恒等式 identity

代数 Algebra

代数的 algebraic

相反数 Opposite number

有尽小数 terminating decimal

无穷小数 non-terminating decimal

虚数 imaginary number

复数 Complex number

复数的模 Modulus of the Complex Number,r

复数的幅角 Argument of the Complex Number, Arg Z

实部 Real part,Im(z)

虚部 Imaginary part, Im(z)

函数 方程 表达式 Function Equation and Expression

二次的 quadratic - In mathematics, a quadratic is a type of problem that deals with a variable multiplied by itself — an operation known as squaring. This language derives from the area of a square being its side length multiplied by itself. The word quadratic comes from quadratum, the Latin word for square

二次方程 Quadratic function

三次方程 Cubic equation

四次方程 Quartic equation

五次方程 Quintic function

判别式 Discriminant

多项式 Polynomial

多项式的次数 Degree of a polynomial

线性多项式 linear polynomial - A linear polynomial is a polynomial of degree one

二次多项式 quadratic polynomial - a polynomial of degree two

三次多项式 cubic polynomial - a polynomial of degree three

四次多项式 quartic polynomial - a polynomial of degree four

五次多项式 quintic polynomial - a polynomial of degree five

六次多项式 sextic polynomial - a polynomial of degree six

七次多项式 septic polynomial - a polynomial of degree seven

八次多项式 octic polynomial - a polynomial of degree eight

九次多项式 nonic polynomial - a polynomial of degree nine

十次多项式decic polynomial - a polynomial of degree ten

多项式的项 term

多项式项的系数 coefficient

多项式项的变量 variable, indeterminate

多项式项的常数项 constant

单项式 Monomial

二项式 Binomial

三项式 Trinomial

四项式 Tetranomial

五项式 Pentameter

六项式 Hexanomial

七项式 Heptathlon

多重表述式 multiple representations

整式 integer polynomial

韦达定理 Vieta's formulas

分段函数 piecewise function - A piecewise function is a function that is defined by different formulas or functions for different intervals in the domain.

幂函数 power function

指数函数 exponential function

递推公式 recursion equation

递推数列 recursive sequence

差分数列 difference series

差分方程 difference equation

递推关系 recursive relation

代数运算 algebraic operation

多项式运算 operations with polynomials

加法 Addition

求和 Sum

减法 Subtraction

被减数 minuend

减数 Subtrahend

差 difference

乘法 Multiplication

被乘数 multiplicand

乘数 multiplier

乘积 Product

两个自然数的乘积 product of two natural numbers

除法 Division

被除数 Dividend

除数 Divisor

商 Quotient

余数 remainder

可被整除的 Divisible

除以 Divide by, divided by (A dividend is divided by a dividor)

指数 Exponentiation

整指数 integral exponents

平方 Squaring, square

等式两边立方 Square both sides of the equation

平方根 square root, exponentiation to the power of ½

立方根 cube root exponentiation to the power of ⅓

根式符号 Radical symbol, radical sign, √

被开方数 Radicant - The value inside the radical symbol.

开根号 root extraction

根指数 - index

运算次序 Order of operations

交叉相乘 Cross multiply

对数 Logarithm

幂, 乘方 Power - an expression that represents repeated multiplication of the same factor

自然对数 Natural logarithm

因式分解 Factorization

化简 Simplify

化简表达式 simplify expressions

最简式 lowest terms

解 solution

解集 solution set

不等式的解集 solution set of an inequality

证明 Show that, prove that, verify

方程组 system of equations

不等式组 system of inequalities

合并同类项 Combine like terms

加法交换律 commutative property of addition

乘法交换律 commutative property of multiplication

加法结合律 associative property of addition

乘法结合律 associative property of multiplication

乘法分配律 distribution law of multiplication


柯西不等式 Cauchy–Schwarz inequality

算数平均 Arithmetic Mean

调和平均 Harmonic Mean

几何平均 Geometric Mean

平方平均 Quadratic mean

H_n\leq G_n \leq A_n \leq Q_n

含绝对值的不等式 inequality with absolute value

三角函数 Trigonometry

推论,推断,演绎 deduce

数学归纳法 mathematical induction

同样的 Likewise, e.g., likewise for b, and for c

行列式 determinant

矩阵 matrix

拉普拉斯展开定理 Laplace expansion theorem

微分 differential calculus

积分 integral calculus

导数 derivative

反面 converse - Note that the converse must not be true

当且仅当, 充分必要条件 if and only if

循环对称 cyclic symmetry, rotational symmetry

丢番图方程 Diophantine Equation,

不定方程 indefinite equation

线性丢番图方程 Linear Diophantine Equations

二次丢番图方程 quadratic Diophantine equations

双曲线 Hyperbolic Diophantine Equation

集合 Set

非负整数集 the set of all non-negative integers

自然数集 the set of all natural numbers

正整数集 the set of all positive integers

整数集 the set of all integers

有理数集 the set of all rational numbers

实数集 the set of all real numbers

元素 element

属于 belong to

不属于 not belong to

有限集 finite set

无限集 infinite set

空集 empty set

包含 inclusion, include

包含于 lie in

子集 subset

真子集 proper subset

补集(余集) complementary set

全集 universe

交集 intersection

并集 union

差集 Difference of Sets

偶数集 the set of all even numbers

奇数集 the set of all odd numbers

逻辑 logic

逻辑联结词 logic connective

或 or

且 and

非 not

真 true

假 false

真值表 truth table

原命题 original proposition

逆命题 converse proposition

否命题 negative proposition

逆否命题 converse-negative proposition

充分条件 sufficient condition

必要条件 necessary condition

充要条件 sufficient and necessary condition

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