Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

If real numbers a,b, c satisfy a+b+c=0 , abc=4 , which one best describes the value of \dfrac{1}{a} +\dfrac{1}{b} +\dfrac{1}{c}

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    The value is equal to \dfrac{1}{2}

  2. The value is less than 0

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    The value is greater than 0

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    The value is equal to \dfrac{1}{4}

Collected in the board: a+b+c=0 problems

Steven Zheng posted 2 years ago


  1. abc=4 \implies a,b,c\ne 0, the value of the expression is not equal to 0.

    a+b+c=0 \implies (a+b+c)^2 = 0


    \dfrac{1}{a} +\dfrac{1}{b} +\dfrac{1}{c}




    =\dfrac{- (2a^2+2b^2+2c^2+2ab+2bc+2ac)}{2abc}

    = - \dfrac{(a+b)^2+(b+c)^2+(a+c)^2}{abc} <0

Steven Zheng posted 5 months ago

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