Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

If x\ne 0, then \dfrac{x+1}{6x}+\dfrac{x+1}{2x}=

  1. \dfrac{2x+2}{3x}

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Steven Zheng posted 2 years ago


  1. Find a common denominator for the two fractions. 1/6x and 1/2x has a common denominator 6x .

    There's no need to do anything for the fraction \dfrac{x+1}{6x}. But for \dfrac{x+1}{2x} , multiply 3 with both of its denominator and numerator.

    Once the denominators are the same, add the numerators of both fractions. So,


    = \dfrac{x+1}{6x}+\dfrac{3x+3}{6x}


Steven Zheng posted 2 years ago

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