A trangle with bisector of one internal angle and circumcircle by Jsxgraph

var board = JXG.JSXGraph.initBoard('box1', {
boundingbox: [-10, 10, 10, -10],showNavigation:false, showcopyright: false, axis: false,

var p1 = board.create('point', [1.5, -4],{face:'',fixed:true});
var p2 = board.create('point', [-9, -4],{face:'',fixed:true,label:{offset:[-10,10]}});
var p3 = board.create('point', [-2.5, 2.0],{face:'',fixed:true});
var l1 = board.create('segment', [p1, p2]);
var l2 = board.create('segment', [p2, p3]);
var l3 = board.create('segment', [p3, p1]);
var bi1 = board.create('bisector', [p1, p3, p2],{visible:false});
var i1 = board.create('intersection', [bi1, l1],{face:'',label:{offset:[-15,10]}});
var l4 = board.create('segment', [p3, i1]);
var cc1 = board.create('circumcircle', [p1, p2, p3],);
var i2 = board.create('intersection', [cc1, l4, 0],{face:'',fixed:true,label:{offset:[-12,10]}});
var l5 = board.create('segment', [i1, i2],{dash:2});
var l6 = board.create('segment', [p1, i2],{dash:2});

Triangle posted 10 months ago

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